Why Prime Factors

When you buy a PrimeFactors' product, you are getting a promise that we will respond quickly and find the answer to any new data security challenge. We go the extra mile to take care of our customers as fast as possible whether it's providing support, fixing a problem or implementing a new feature into our software.

Our support team is highly knowledgeable with strong technical backgrounds. They’re known for chasing down problems and getting the answers you need to be more effective.

We’ve helped more than 1,000 clients worldwide meet their unique data security challenges since 1981. Our software simplifies data-security complexity for two different markets:

  1. Data protection via EncryptRIGHT, which includes data encryption, tokenization and key management; and
  2. Issuers and bureaus via the Bank Card Security System (BCSS).

Our software and service make your job easier and more hassle free for encryption, tokenization and key management. That’s why more than 50% of our customers have been with us for ten years or more.

1400 Executive Parkway
Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: (541) 345-4334
Fax: (541) 345-6818

Phone: (541) 345-4334
Fax: (541) 345-6818