Secure Payment Card Issuance Solution

Since 1999 global leaders in secure card issuing have used the Bank Card Security System (BCSS) to cut costs by reducing the amount of programming required to develop and maintain EMV data preparation and key management for a secure card issuance platform.

BCSS fits into your in-house developed issuance platform to provide key management, HSM (hardware security module) integration and security code and PIN generation and verification for magnetic stripe and EMV IC cards. BCSS reduces programming necessary to facilitate the use of Thales HSMs in the secure card issuing process. Customers throughout the world use BCSS to simplify the complexity of meeting logical security requirements established by the network brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB).

BCSS makes data preparation for EMV as familiar and routine as magnetic stripe card issuance is on your legacy systems. It delivers a highly flexible output file that any card personalization system can interpret for processing. With BCSS you gain control of your card holder data by performing EMV data preparation in-house.

A typical secure card issuing environment includes a cardholder database, the BCSS key management system consisting of a database of cryptographic keys and security options, the BCSS library of subroutines, and one or more Thales HSMs. When a card production emboss file needs to be created, cardholder and magnetic stripe data are processed quickly and securely by BCSS and the HSMs in accordance with the payment brand requirements for hardware crytography. This can be accomplished directly from a mainframe (or Windows, Linux, AIX, iSeries, etc.) program processing the emboss file.

BCSS is backed by a dedicated support team that provides the answers you need during project planning, implementation and use.