PIN Generation & Security Code Verification

The Bank Card Security System (BCSS) meets standards for security code creation and verification established by the network brands including use of hardware security modules (HSMs). BCSS also creates an ARPC authorization cryptogram in response to an ARQC verification that complies with various EMV standards, and is used by a wide range of customers from those just entering the market to the largest issuers and personalization bureaus in the world. 

BCSS supports the generation and verification of standard security codes such as CVV, CVV2, CVC, CVC2, CVC3, CAVV, CSC, PVV and ABA Code. BCSS also supports a variety of PIN functions such as PIN generation, PIN translation, PIN selection, PIN bridging and PIN verification.

Secret keys and security options are used to create the codes that protect debit, credit and prepaid cards. BCSS has a database that stores all of the keys and options needed to create and verify card security codes and PINs within the HSM.