BCSS Saves Time, Money & Resources

You’ve made the strategic decision to develop your card issuance platform in-house, and still face another important ‘make versus buy’ decision. Your team can build key management from scratch but it’s a complex system and requires specialized expertise. They can also learn a low-level API so they can incorporate hardware security modules (HSMs) into your issuance platform. Or you can save time, money and resources with the Bank Card Security System (BCSS) from Prime Factors.

BCSS software reduces the need for in-house expertise to develop and keep EMV data preparation and a card issuance system constantly up-to-date. It works exclusively with Thales HSM technology to meet the requirements established by the network brands.

BCSS eliminates all the programming required to make Thales HSMs work in accordance with requirements for security code creation, and key management. To incorporate Thales HSMs into your secure card issuing or personalization solution is no trivial undertaking. It requires a variety of internal expertise, and programming resources to keep a key management system in compliance.

BCSS HSM integration can cut out several months of implementation work. You don’t need to learn a proprietary machine level language to deploy Thales HSM capabilities. Plus you no longer need to constantly upgrade your custom code to take advantage of new functionality in the Thales HSM firmware.

Here is additional BCSS functionality that reduces or eliminates programming:

  • A library of subroutines handles more than 100 functions that access the BCSS database and the Thales HSMs.
  • Subroutines streamline calls to the Thales HSM to create security codes and verify them if you use BCSS for authorizing transactions.
  • BCSS builds the host commands necessary for the Thales HSM to create encrypted keys. It also manages ethernet (TCP/IP) communication and stores a database of encrypted keys created by the Thales HSM.
  • Subroutines can be called from popular programming languages such as COBOL and C.
  • A user-friendly Card Utility program for Windows and UNIX eliminates the need for most common programming tasks.
  • BCSS provides a debug trace of communications with the Thales payShield 9000 HSM.
  • BCSS supports the Thales Security Resource Manager (SRM) for load-balancing multiple HSMs.
  • BCSS supports CICS and TSO environments on the IBM mainframe, and runs all hardware platforms from mainframes to Microsoft Windows.
  • BCSS multi-threads job production files to a single HSM
  • BCSS manages multiple payShield 9000s to balance cryptographic load