Reduce cost & complexity when adding EMV Data Preparation to card issuance

Card issuers have compelling reasons to issue EMV-compliant payment cards to their customers, before the major payment brands announced liability shifts begin in October 2015. Those that integrate EMV data preparation into their card issuance processes early and efficiently are gaining competitive advantage over those that don't. Prime Factors' Bank Card Security System (BCSS) EMV Data Preparation module gives Issuers the capability to manage the data and cryptographic complexities of EMV card issuance compliantly and with fewer changes to existing code, workflows, and processes than alternatives.

BCSS is used worldwide by card issuers for managing the small number of cryptographic elements of magnetic stripe payment cards. Anticipating the shift to the integrated chip card standard, the EMV Data Preparation module was developed to minimize the administrative effort required to manage the 100+ data element attributes that EMV specifies. The module supports the Thales PayShield hardware security module (HSM) required to ensure the underlying cryptographic keys are protected to the degree required by EMV, and proven easy to integrate into any card issuance platform.

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To learn more about BCSS EMV Data Preparation product capabilities, please see BCSS EMV Data Preparation.

General information the card plans' EMV initiative, general discussions of EMV Basics, EMV transaction lifecycle, EMV implementation options, and EMV cryptographic key management are found on Prime Factors' BCSS webinars section

Issuers may find the Prime Factors whitepaper "Why Financial Institutions Should Keep EMV Data Preparation In-House particularly useful.