We Continuously Perfect Our Software

Prime Factors has a 30-plus year track record of listening to our customers and evolving our products to meet their needs. We continuously perfect our software to simplify the complexity associated with deploying, using and maintaining data encryption, key management and tokenization solutions. We help our customers solve complex business problems and streamline their data security, which is why more than 1,000 companies world-wide have used our software since 1981. Through the years we've made data security easier for our customers by developing software that is cross platform compatible and adapts to a diverse range of use cases.

Secure Data

Secure Data with EncryptRIGHT

EncryptRIGHT® gives you a better way to meet PCI data protection requirements and much more.


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Card Security

Bank Card Security System (BCSS) reduces the cost of programming and maintaining your in-house developed data preparation and card issuance platform.


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