HSM Surveyor® Reduces HSM Costs, Improves HSM Monitoring

Enterprise data protection has moved from an afterthought to a top management issue, and ensuring the cryptographic infrastructure is sound has become urgent.  Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are an essential but expensive component in encryption and key management for enterprises. Because of the increased sophistication of organized attacks, many enterprises build their encryption and key management processes on a foundation of HSMs.  These devices offer the highest degree of key protection integrity with FIPS 140-2, Level II or higher certifications. However, HSMs often do not provide the visibility required to manage them efficiently, which is critical to both diagnostics and resource planning.  

HSM Surveyor is an enterprise application for monitoring the health and performance of HSMs.  It is designed to provide real-time and historical data necessary for HSM network analysis. A disruption or failure of an HSM can bring transaction processing to a halt and immediately impact productivity, SLAs and the bottom line. HSM Surveyor can help eliminate these costly disruptions and failures by providing enterprises the ability to proactively identify performance issues before they become critical downtime events.