2022 Gartner® Innovation Insight for Data Security Platforms

Prime Factors was recognized as a Representative Provider for EncryptRIGHT as a broad-spectrum Data Security Platform (DSP) in the Gartner® Innovation Insight for Data Security Platforms 2022. This research note provides valuable insights into DSPs, advantages of melding traditionally siloed data security techniques, and recommendations related to evaluating DSPs for today’s data protection challenges.

For a limited time, Prime Factors is offering a complimentary copy of this research note.
Download it today and explore:

  • Key capabilities of “broad-spectrum” and “specialized” DSPs.
  • Popular use cases and key benefits of broad-spectrum DSPs across all industries.
  • DSPs impact on migration to the cloud and challenges facing fragmented legacy systems.
  • Other recommendations and insights into Data Security Platforms.

Gartner, Innovation Insight for Data Security Platforms,
By Joerg Fritsch, Published 20 May 2022.
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More than a decade ago, Prime Factors realized the old way of delivering fragmented data security products would no longer suffice. The market needed a better approach that could streamline broad-spectrum data security by incorporating a variety of data protection capabilities into a single code base to more comprehensively define and enforce modern data protection and privacy.

Leveraging our 40+ years of experience securing sensitive data for many of the world’s largest enterprises and financial services institutions, Prime Factors built one of the world’s first data security platforms. We call it EncryptRIGHT.

We understand that protecting sensitive information wherever data is used, moved, or stored can be exceptionally complex, but EncryptRIGHT simplifies it.