Understanding The Data Perimeter Landscape

SIEM, IAM, and some version of UEBM are critical to providing Data Perimeter Security; enabling authorized access to critical systems so that business can be conducted both internally and externally. Data security professionals manage devices, people, various entities authorized to access applications and data at the core of the missions critical systems required to make business happy safely and securely. This is explained in our 1:30 second video below:

As the attacks of Ransomware over the last few years have demonstrated, these various Data Perimeter Security solutions can be breached and bypassed deploying 'encryption' malware leveraging standard data encryption to digitally hold company and user data hostage for ransom; ultimately, demonstrating the power of encryption as a valuable tool in the arsenal of malicious actors.  

Ironically, this same technology can protect the data assets these cyber criminals use to steal PII, PIA sensitive, mission critical information. In fact, Data Encryption should be a cornerstone of any Data Security Initiative regardless of the long term solutions like SIEM, IAM and UEBM.

The type of Data Encryption solution selected should be agnostic to your business databases, operating system platform(s) and technology infrastructure to ensure both immediate, short and long term plans for success. It would also leverage a single common user interface to implement and manage each type of cryptography (Tokenization, Key Management, PCI Auditing and GnuPGP), regardless of current or future needs. 

In this 2:20 second video see how EncryptRIGHT can meet your needs: 

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