Easy to Use. Easy to Program.

Even mid-market companies with small IT staffs and little or no data security expertise can implement and effectively use EncryptRIGHT®. It was designed so a programmer with no knowledge of cryptography can incorporate data encryption, tokenization and central key management into an application that stores sensitive data. In a similar user-friendly approach, EncryptRIGHT makes it easy for a non-technical user to configure and implement the necessary levels of data security, access controls and policy controls to meet security objectives.

All cryptographic configuration decisions are made in a Data Protection Policy (DPP). You don’t need to be an encryption expert to define the cryptographic options, keys and data conversions you need to implement your solution. This can be performed by a designated individual and then approved by senior management or the person responsible for data security.

EncryptRIGHT Training May 22 2017 final

A guide was designed to make it much easier for technical and non-technical users to configure a DPP. Using a graphical user interface, they select which data to encrypt or tokenize, then follow prompts to insure they implement the appropriate data security and key management for their situation.