Enterprise Data Protection Goals and EncryptRIGHT Capabilities

Enterprises have uniquely challenging goals for ensuring applications handling sensitive or regulated data apply protection for privacy when, where, and how it is needed. These challenges are complicated by the increasing regulation impacting virtually every market, and the pace with which both regulation and technology change. These challenges are steep for new applications when there is still time to build data protection into application code and workflows, and even harder when trying to add it to pre-existing applications built before these needs were identified.

The specific expectations of data protection offerings differ based on the role within the enterprise. For example, from some perspectives, the range of platform coverage is the most critical while from others the data logged and available for inspection and analysis are crucial. Learn how the data protection capabilities offered by EncryptRIGHT, including field or file encryption, cryptographic key lifecycle management, and tokenization, align with the goals of those in positions like yours, below.