How Chief IT Architects Apply EncryptRIGHT's Data Protection Capabilities

The constant themes of all Chief IT Architects work are defining a technology roadmap that drives revenue and cuts costs by improving efficiency, and delivering practical examples of that plan. These themes must be considered in the context of important technology trends, including cloud computing and platform-as-a-service, big data, and the Internet of Things. The Chief Architect's success is measured against the risk, longevity, competitiveness, and utility of the Chief Architect’s vision as it advances the business plan. Minimizing risk of data compromise must rank high in every decision, as directed by the executive team’s directive: “We must not be the next poster child for the calamity of a data breach.”

No single product or tool can address every data protection need, but thoughtful architects seek out those that address the widest range of use cases, particularly those related to outsourcing to cloud offerings, and to minimize the costs for maintaining them. Equally important, technologies selected must provide data protection that is durable against attack whether safeguarding enterprise data locally or in the cloud, auditable by third parties, and transparent to the end user so as to avoid potential resistance. Consequently, middleware solutions that integrate into new and, particularly, existing applications with the fewest changes and least impact on the larger roadmap are preferred.

EncryptRIGHT is a middleware suite of data protection capabilities designed to support to these Chief Architect goals. It offers enterprise developers a “one-call” API for cryptographic key management, strong data encryption, or tokenization, reducing the steps and, hence, the risk of adding protection capabilities to applications. Components are consistently implemented for all the major enterprise operating systems, even the mainframe, and the API exposed for all the major enterprise integration languages. For these reasons, Chief Architects find EncryptRIGHT offers the shortest time-to-market for adding data protection to applications.

The “one-call” API enables integration of cryptographic key management with far less analysis, coding, and testing than the more complex APIs of alternatives and, critically important, offers architectures that diligently protects sensitive data in the cloud while retaining complete and total control of decryption keys locally. Chief Architects also find that it offers the data protection granularity that is required by the increasing importance of big data and the Internet of Things – both require that the large aggregation of data remain available for analysis and correlation, without leaving sensitive data elements open to breach. They achieve this balance with EncryptRIGHT’s field-level encryption and tokenization capabilities, applying protection to only those elements that absolutely require it – and still with the certain knowledge that those elements can be accessed quickly and efficiently when needed.