How CIOs Apply EncryptRIGHT's Data Protection Capabilities

The enterprise Chief Information Officer can feel under attack from all sides – the lines of business demanding higher levels of service, the CFO reducing budget without reducing expectations, skilled employees leaving for presumed greener pastures, the CEO and Sales requiring more time spent on revenue growth. Equally, the pace of technology change and the increasing fragmentation of the technology landscape require the CIO to be conversant with leading edge developments in cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things while still ensuring that mission-critical legacy systems still deliver their value to the organization.

At times, CIOs may feel the only measure of success is the absence of failure, when even a moment’s downtime of a critical system evokes irate calls from C-level peers and compromise of any sensitive data can lead to painful scrutiny and second guessing. It’s for these reasons that CIOs direct their teams to consider only those products or tools that apply across a spectrum of use cases and reject point solutions and to consider only those offerings that are proven for high availability. This applies in even greater degree when seeking the means to add data protection to the existing applications or new mission-critical applications of the enterprise.

The latter cases prove particularly challenging for the CIO, who must balance the necessary consideration of the economy-of-scale and elasticity available with cloud-based offerings and the cardinal obligation to ensure sensitive data is protected. For these reasons, many CIOs turn to middleware offerings that support high-availability architectures while still offering integration options for the broad range of platforms and use cases where data protection must be added.

EncryptRIGHT’s suite of data protection capabilities deploy as middleware that supports all the CIO’s diverse goals. It offers enterprise developers a “one-call” API for cryptographic key management, strong data encryption, or tokenization, reducing the effort and cost of adding protection capabilities to applications. Components are consistently implemented for all the major enterprise operating systems, even the mainframe, and the API is exposed for all the major enterprise integration languages.

CIOs find EncryptRIGHT offers the lowest cost option when retrofitting data protection into existing applications, since it takes less time to add cryptographic key management, encryption, or tokenization capabilities to applications. The “one-call” API enables integration of cryptographic key management with far less analysis, coding, and testing than the more complex APIs of alternatives and, critically important, offers architecture that diligently protects sensitive data even in the cloud while retaining complete and total control of decryption keys locally. CIOs also find that it offers the data protection granularity that is required by the increasing importance of big data and the Internet of Things – both require that the large aggregation of data remain available for analysis and correlation, without leaving sensitive data elements open to breach. They achieve this balance with EncryptRIGHT’s field level encryption and tokenization capabilities, applying protection to only those elements that absolutely require it – and still with the certain knowledge that those elements can be accessed quickly and efficiently when needed.