Meet PCI Compliance Requirements

EncryptRIGHT® software gives you a better way to achieve PCI compliance for data encryption and key management. In addition to meeting all your PCI data encryption requirements, EncryptRIGHT includes an optional tokenization module that reduces the scope and cost of a PCI audit.

EncryptRIGHT comes bundled with key management, secure audit logs and predefined PCI reporting capabilities. Comprehensive central key management insures that you comply with PCI encryption key management requirements for key generation, distribution, storage, rotation and replacement. It provides everything you need to achieve PCI compliance for data encryption and key management.

EncryptRIGHT comes with standard PCI reports designed to satisfy your Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), and help you pass your PCI audit. EncryptRIGHT includes:

  • PCI-compliant data encryption and key management for one price
  • Tokenization to reduce the scope and cost of a PCI audit
  • Reports and audit trails for assessment and verification processes
  • Broad platform support from PC to mainframe
  • A simple desktop application, or API for application integration
  • Field, file, database and application-level encryption
  • Support for many different development environments
  • A choice of databases to implement tokenization
  • Guides help you get running quickly

PCI Requirements

Six of the 12 PCI data security requirements address encryption and key management, and EncryptRIGHT helps you comply with all six.

This PDF file explains in detail how.

Reporting You Need To Pass Your PCI Audit

EncryptRIGHT provides comprehensive audit log reporting that helps make your PCI audit go more smoothly. The challenge is to adopt effective measures to track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data.

EncryptRIGHT generates the documentation and audit materials you need to pass your PCI audit. With EncryptRIGHT, virtually every relevant system event can be monitored, creating a critical detailed audit report trail. You can build an array of detailed audit reports which track everything from access to card records, actions and changes taken by specific users to password and user ID activity, encryption and decryption of specific fields, access to account numbers and changes to key values and key rotations.

Strong Encryption Without Fancy Names

Encryption software is only as good as the algorithms and security options it utilizes to encrypt sensitive data. EncryptRIGHT is a comprehensive cryptographic software suite that uses tested and approved algorithms by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Here is a list of cryptographic standards that EncryptRIGHT supports for symmetric and asymmetric keys, encryption and authentication modes, digital signatures, hash algorithms and filtering algorithms:
Encryption Algorithms and Modes of Encryption

  • 3DES, both 112 and 168 bit keys
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), 128, 192 and 256 bit keys
  • HMAC (Hashed MAC using SHA-1)
  • RSA 1024 to 4096 bit keys
  • ECB – Electronic Code Book
  • OFB – Output Feedback
  • CBC – Cipher Block Chaining with padding
  • NumCrypt – FIPS 74 section 8. Processes and produces character numeric data
  • ChrCrypt – FIPS 74 section 8. Processes and produces character string data

Authentication, Hashing and Filtering options

  • X9.9 and X9.19 MACs (Message Authentication Codes)
  • X9.9 and X9.19 MACs with 1982 or 1986 filtering
  • X9.71-199x HMAC (Hashed MAC)
  • PKCS#1
  • ISO9796
  • ISO9796 Part 2 with Schema 2 padding
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-2, 256, 384 and 512 bits
  • MD5
  • RMD160
  • HEX
  • Base 64