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    White Papers - BCSS

    PINs: PIN Technology and Management

    While pundits continue to debate the value of "chip & signature" for the introduction of EMV in the US compared to the "chip & PIN" used elsewhere in the world, it is inevitable that PIN will be required some time. Regulations may evolve to require PIN sooner rather than later. Learn more about PIN technology & management by downloading this paper. Request your copy of the paper

    PINs: PIN Block Formats

    When PIN processing for EMV comes to the US, it will significantly impact the credit payments network. This is, in part, due to the care that must be applied when moving PINs from one device (i.e., the integrated chip card) to another (such as a POS device). Learn more about the techniques used for this process in this instructive paper. Request your copy of the paper

    PINs: PIN Transaction Security in Payment Networks

    PIN processing almost certainly will be required for credit card transactions in the US sometime in the future. Securely managing the PIN verification and PIN change requests across networks is a significant need that must be addressed. Read this paper to learn more about what must occur for secure PIN management to occur. Request your copy of the paper

    How Card Issuers Can Reduce Impacts of Retail Chain Data Breaches

    Retail data breaches like those that have impacted Target, Michaels, Neiman Marcus, Goodwill, Home Depot, Staples, and others give criminals all the data necessary to create counterfeit cards for use at the point-of-sale. Learn how issuing EMV-compliant cards can reduce fraud, and the importance of putting compliant cards in the hands of cardholders prior to October, 2015. Request your copy of the paper

    Why Financial Institutions Should Keep EMV Data Preparation In-House

    Understand the benefits to financial institutions of keeping their EMV data preparation activities internal rather than outsourcing them to a third party, explained in no-nonsense, non-technical language. Request your copy of the paper.