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    White Papers - EncryptRIGHT

    Best Practices for Anonymizing Data in Development and QA Testbeds

    Enterprises frequently use copies of production data in development and quality assurance as they develop new code or enhance existing systems. Using such data without care, however, can expose sensitive data to those who have no need to see it, in contradiction to regulations and best practices. Anonymizing copies of production data is an important safeguard that must be observed, and this paper discusses best practices for doing so effectively and economically. Request your copy of the paper

    Standards-centric Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)

    Encryption is an important part of enterprise data protection strategy. Learn how format preserving encryption is easier to integrate into applications, and the state of standards for that technology. Request your copy of the paper

    What Enterprises Need from Tokenization 2.0

    Read about improvements in tokenization technology and what enterprises learned after working with the first generation of tokenization applications. Request your copy of the paper.

    Tokenization Guidance: How to Reduce PCI Compliance Costs

    Informative white paper by Securosis explains how tokenization reduces the cost of PCI compliance by 50%, and provides guidance the PCI Council failed to provide in its guidelines for tokenization. Request your copy of the paper.

    Five Key Management Fundamentals for Unlocking Encryption Success

    Learn more about the importance crypto key quality has for encryption effectiveness, common problems experienced with key management, and what you can do to avoid them. Request your copy of the paper.

    Tokenization vs. Encryption: Options for Compliance

    White paper independently written by data security analyst firm Securosis to help IT departments know when to use tokenization and when to use encryption. Request your copy of the paper.

    Data Encryption 101: Pragmatic Guide to PCI-DSS Requirements

    Educational white paper cuts through techno-babble and discusses how to select appropriate software for PCI encryption and key management. Request your copy of the paper.

    Use PCI to Protect All Your Confidential Data

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a well-organized body of data protection best practices. In the absence of other specific regulatory requirements or industry best practices, it provides an excellent framework for improving data security for industry. Read more for industry expert Walt Conway's discussion. Request your copy of the paper.