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Prime Factors Releases Bank Card Security System for Cloud Environments

March 3, 2023 - Preferred Payment Security Software Reduces Complexity, Adds New Features for High-Volume Operating

Prime Factors announced the latest release of its popular Bank Card Security System (BCSS) software, the market-leading application development accelerator for retail payments. The new release further simplifies payment security and expands deployment to high-volume operating environments, including payment services based in the cloud, and new features supporting data migration and transaction analytics.

In the BCSS v5.70 update, customers will find:

  • Expanded deployment options to support distributed and high-volume operating environments, including cloud environments.
  • New features supporting data migration and analytics for HSM transactions.
  • Addition of Syslog support for captured data such as audit logs or transaction analytics.
  • Enhancements to Audit Log for recording additional activities and new options for file rotation.
  • New reports for improved management of Group and User permissions.

“This release builds on 20 years of value that BCSS brings to simplifying payment security and expands deployment options ideally suited for cloud and hybrid environments. This release enables enterprise payment applications to keep up with the latest security trends and industry standards while simplifying payment security for payment credential issuance and payment transaction processing,” said Jose Diaz, VP of Products & Services at Prime Factors. “BCSS v5.7 software eliminates the need for enterprises to develop and maintain custom software code that incorporates the logical security and payment schemes required by payment network brands. BCSS speeds up payment application development and ensures industry and regulatory compliance while saving both time and money.”

BCSS is backed by a dedicated team of highly specialized payment security experts that can provide guidance, troubleshooting, and ongoing support for enterprises planning, implementing or running custom payment applications. Prime Factors incorporates the latest payment industry security requirements into an annual major software release of BCSS to ensure that the payment systems of our global customers remain secure and compliant.

This version of BCSS can be requested by maintenance customers via a download by contacting the product support team at or by contacting a Prime Factors sales representative at

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