Application Level Data Encryption

EncryptRIGHT software delivers strong data security with a primary focus on application level data encryption, and also supports encrypting databases with transparent data base encryption (TDE) and encrypting files for transfer or backup, protecting sensitive data regardless of where it is used, moved or stored.

Application Level Data Encryption

Application Level Data Encryption is considered the most secure approach to enterprise data protection. When sensitive data is encrypted at the application level data, it becomes inherently protected wherever it is – in applications, on disks, in file structures or databases, or being transported through a network.

Most data is established in an enterprise through an application, either through import or generation, and when application level encryption is applied, the data is secured before it leaves an application. Whether the data is transported to a third party, stored on a backup disk, placed into a file or database, or handed off to another application, the data is always secure. Traditional data protection software solutions encrypt data while at rest, but often leave it unprotected in the clear when it is being used by an application, leaving it vulnerable to a data breach. While the traditional approach to application level data protection is considered by many to be too complex to be practical, EncryptRIGHT simplifies application level data protection.

Traditional Data-at-rest Encryption Solutions

Leaves most data unprotected while in use.

Application Level Data Protection with EncryptRIGHT

Protects data everywhere it is used, moved or stored!

Encryption & Authentication Techniques

EncryptRIGHT is a comprehensive cryptographic software suite that supports a variety of algorithms and encryption modes tested and approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), including: Triple DES (2-key and 3-key), AES (128, 192, 256 bits), X9.71 HMAC, OpenPGP, RMD160, and RSA public key algorithms. Strong hashing is provided using SHA-2 or SHA-3. Public keys can be up to 4096 bits. To compliment encryption functionality, EncryptRIGHT includes several authentication techniques, including digital signing.  Learn more by clicking the button below to request the datasheet.

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