Case Studies

Review case studies below to explore how Prime Factors has helped solve
some of our customers’ most complex and evolving challenges.

Customer paying at a hotel

Global Hospitality Group Deploys EncryptRIGHT® Tokenization in Cloud – Seamlessly Replaces Legacy System with Capacity-on-Demand Solution in AWS

One of the world’s largest hotel chains, comprised of thousands of properties in countries spread throughout the globe, was facing a complex challenge. While their aging and obsolete data protection management system was reaching end-of-support, they were also migrating much of their core functionality to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. They needed to find a cloud-ready tokenization solution that could not only secure the sensitive data of their guests but could also support a live data migration with no interruptions to the millions of overnight guests they welcome every day.

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One of the World’s Largest Airlines Deploys EncryptRIGHT® for Application-Level Data Protection at Global Scale – Replaces Legacy Data Security & Expands Scale in a Massive Hybrid Deployment

One of the world’s largest global airlines, moving billions in precious cargo as well as sensitive data around the world, sought a best-in-class solution for protecting the sensitive information of their partners, customers, and internal operations. The company needed to secure data in more than 100 applications running on a host of operating systems across thousands of applications servers spanning the globe. It was no small challenge, but EncryptRIGHT® was up to the task.

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Issuing Secure Payment Credentials with Arroweye Solutions – Innovating how payment cards are manufactured

Passing Visa® & Mastercard® security audits were a challenge when Arroweye Solutions, Inc. decided to introduce a revolutionary card manufacturing process to the open loop payment card market, however BCSS helped them pass quickly, while saving them 75% of their projected costs.

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Businessman with eyeglasses standing on city street and using ATM machine to withdraw money from credit or debit card.

Securing Customer Payment Card Information with Arroweye Solutions – Data Protection, Key Management & Data Shredding

Arroweye Solutions, an innovator payment card production, received sensitive data from their customers all over the globe. As PCI standards continued to evolve and customer requirements around data shredding became more specific, they needed a way to improve their data protection capabilities, to automate their key management and protect sensitive customer data without having to rebuild their production process to fit the key manager.

EncryptRIGHT abstracted the complexities of encryption from their application code and increased performance by more than 30 percent.

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Protection Applied to Consumer Payment Data with Xpress Bill Pay

Xpress Bill Pay, a company that provides online payment capture and clearing for municipalities and utilities, recently needed to increase the protection applied to consumer payment data, as many have in the wake of the extraordinary data breaches of the last two years. Click on the link below to receive a copy of a case study describing their data protection goals and the analysis that led to selection of Prime Factors’ EncryptRIGHT®.

EncryptRIGHT encryption key management, access controls, provides robust security and saves time and money.

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