For nearly 40 years, Prime Factors has served as a thought leader and advisor to our global customers, helping to think and work through complex and evolving challenges related to data protection in open and collaborative environments. Our whitepapers aim to challenge the thinking of folks facing some universal sticking points and shed a bit of light on approaches to address these topics. Request a white paper below or contact us with ideas for new white papers that would add value in your organization.

Five Key Management Fundamentals

That data protection cannot be great, if cryptographic key management is poor is a fundamental truth of information security, however many enterprises are not attuned to the fundamentals of sound cryptographic key management.

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What Enterprises Need from Tokenization

Tokenization is now widely recognized as an effective strategy for limiting the risk of exposure from a data breach, but enterprises have learned much from first generation tokenization solutions and should expect more from today’s solutions, including the ability to govern who can access data, and in what format.

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Best Practices for Anonymizing Data in Development and QA Testbeds

Using copies of production data for developing and testing new code or system enhancements risks exposing the data and violating data privacy regulations unnecessarily, however anonymizing the production data, which can be done effectively and economically, can safeguard the data before it is used.

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Why Financial Institutions Should Keep EMV Data Preparation In-House

The complexity related to the data preparation process for issuing EMV chip cards makes it tempting to outsource the process to a third party, however there are risks associated with outsourcing EMV data preparation and benefits to retaining it in-house that should be carefully considered.

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