For nearly 40 years, Prime Factors has served as a thought leader and advisor to our global customers, helping to think and work through complex and evolving challenges related to data protection in open and collaborative environments. Our webinars, which are often delivered jointly with our technology partner, aim to offer insight and education on various  challenges and opportunities that affect our industry and technologies. Request access to a webinar below or contact us with ideas for webinars that would add value in your organization.

When Greater Visibility Drives Better Security Webinar

When Better Visibility Drives Better Data Security - Mapping & Securing Data Flows at the application layer

Learn how greater visibility into your applications and data flows, coupled with innovative data protection architectures, can help you streamline data security at the application layer.  In this webinar replay, featuring CAST, we discuss how Software Intelligence helps organizations discover and map specific data flows, abstract data protection in applications to reduce complexity, and drive better data security and privacy enforcement.

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Why Your Encrypted Data is at Risk

View this Joint Solutions webinar with Prime Factors and nCipher Security (now Entrust) to learn why traditional data protection solutions do not address all security threats, how you can identify particular vulnerabilities in enterprise data protection, and what to do to protect data where it is most exposed and susceptible to theft.

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Why Securing Data at the Application Layer Has Never Been Easier Feature Image

Why Securing Data at the Application Layer Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to advancements in broad spectrum data security platforms, protecting your most vulnerable data at the highest level isn’t the complicated and resource intensive process it once was. In fact, application-level data protection has become more accessible, more efficient, and more adaptable for organizations of any size. Watch this webinar featuring Jose Diaz, VP of Products and Services at Prime Factors, to explore the common challenges of securing vulnerable data in applications, and learn the fundamental concepts, technologies, and methodologies that can help simplify application layer data protection.

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Application-Level Data Protection: Confusion, Challenges and Solutions

In an effort to better understand the perceptions, complexities, challenges and intentions of enterprises when it comes specifically to Application-Level Data Protection, Prime Factors and Entrust commissioned a research survey of 600 information technology professionals across the United States and the United Kingdom. View this webinar to learn how the results of the survey revealed several fascinating findings around misconceptions that may lead to vulnerability, concerns related to unprotected data-in-use, and aggressive plans to immediately add application-level data protection functionality.

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EMV Basics - Concepts and Terminology

The payment card industry faced a significant change when point-of-sale fraud liability shifted from EMV-compliant card issuers to merchants in October of 2015. EMV introduced many new concepts and technical requirements for both issuers and acquirers, and new details continue to emerge.  View this webinar replay for a comprehensive overview of EMV concepts and terminology.

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