Payment HSM Integration

Integrating and managing payment hardware security modules (HSMs) is no trivial undertaking, but Prime Factors’ Bank Card Security system (BCSS) helps make it simple. Prime Factors helps large and small banks, credit card issuers, innovators in payment schemes, and payment processors around the world integrate to and manage the world’s leading payment HSM – the Thales payShield 10k.

BCSS assures that the HSM load is properly balanced across all of the Thales payShield HSMs in a customer’s deployment, both on-premise, host or cloud hosted HSMs as a Service (HSMaaS). When enterprises add additional payment HSMs, BCSS assures that there IS no architectural impact to existing payment applications. BCSS provides a debug trace of communications with Thales payShield HSMs and supports automatic backup, in case an HSM fails.

BCSS has a library of subroutines that handles more than 100 functions that access the secure payment key vault and the Thales payShield 10k, as well as Thales payShield 9000 and earlier versions. These functions allow customer payment applications to easily incorporate hardened payment cryptography in accordance with security standards established by the payment network brands, without the need to learn the proprietary machine level language that controls the scores of HSM host commands of a payShield HSM. For example, BCSS can help to print PIN mailers directly from a Thales payShield HSM – a tamper resistant secure environment for the generation of PIN mailers. The full functionality of a payShield is accessible through simple BCSS calls from popular programming languages such as C, C++, C#, COBOL, Java and Visual Basic.

As a Thales ASAP technology partner, Prime Factors coordinates updates to BCSS with Thales payShield firmware updates to assure that customers can take advantage of new payShield functionality as soon as it is released, without the need for customers to update custom code. Prime Factors also can support technical questions and assist with troubleshooting for issues related to the Thales payShield 10k, as well as Thales payShield 9000 and earlier versions.

Download payShield Integration Guide

Purchase a payShield

Looking to buy a Thales payShield 10k? Look no further. Prime Factors is an authorized Thales reseller and one of the top global sellers of the payShield. Not located in the United States of America? No problem! In addition to the Americas, Prime Factors can drop-ship payShield HSMs from local distribution facilities across Africa and Asia Pacific. We are eager to serve you with the best price available for the payShield 10k.
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