Your encrypted data may be at risk

Traditional Data-at-Rest protection leaves sensitive data unprotected when in use at the application layer, but Prime Factors solutions help secure sensitive information anywhere it is used, moved or stored.


Securing an Open and
Collaborative Digital World

For more than 40 years, many of the world’s largest companies have trusted Prime Factors to delivered cryptographic software solutions for payments, electronic data interchange, and application level data protection.


Securing Sensitive Data


Pseudonymize and Anonymize sensitive data for regulatory and industry standards compliance

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Data Masking

Enable differential privacy with dynamic data masking and role-based access controls

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Audit Logs, Reports, and Alerts for traceability and compliance

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Key Management

Orchestrate centralized cryptographic key management for data protection

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Data Access Control

Control who can access sensitive data and to what degree; full, partial, or no access

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Implement & Automate Data Protection Policies to encrypt data at the application level

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Data Protection is More than Just Encryption

Data protection solutions must be able to define and enforce:

All aspects of how data is secured
Who is permitted to access specific data
What form data takes when it is unsecured

This ensures that sensitive data is properly protected and only exposed to the level required for specific business needs.

“The majority of successful attackers are exploiting the higher, more accessible
and exposed, application layers to conduct attacks, and regardless of their methods,
they are most often interested in obtaining data.”

Gartner, Security of Applications and Data Primer for 2019, February 2019

Securing a global world of payments

An Application Development Accelerator for the Retail Payments Market

BCSS solves key business issues:

Simplified retail payments application development
Centralized key management and access control
Secure event logging and reporting for compliance

Allowing for quicker integrations, with more flexibility, and better control over required payment security hardware.


Transaction Processing

Simplify the security related to payment transaction processing

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IOT Payments

Issue secure credentials on IoT and mobile devices

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Audit Logs, Reports, and Alerts for traceability and compliance

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Payment HSM

Secure payments with a hardware security module

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Payment Keys

Orchestrate centralized cryptographic key management for payments

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Payment Cards

Simplify the security required to issue magnetic stripe and EMV chip smart cards

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