Payments security is complex. Understanding the payment ecosystem and abiding by industry standards and regulations for issuing payment credentials and processing transactions requires an immense amount of specialized knowledge. Payments security has its own jargon, its own rules, and even its own types of cryptographic keys and functionality to assure that the most sensitive information on earth is properly secured.

The complexity may seem daunting, but Bank Card Security System (BCSS) can help.

Why Bank Card Security System

Prime Factors’ Bank Card Security System (BCSS) software is an application development accelerator for the retail payments market. BCSS reduces the complexity related to payment security, speeds up application development, and ensures industry and regulatory compliance related to cryptography. For the past twenty years, leading payment card issuers and secure personalization bureaus around the world have incorporated BCSS into their custom payment security solutions to save time and money, and to meet the logical security requirements established by network brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.

Provides issuers the required functionality to generate and provision payment credentials

Offers transaction processors the functions needed to process and authorize payment transactions

Manages all payment application keys, and offers user access controls and audit logging for compliance


Transaction Processing

Simplify the security related to payment transaction processing

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IOT Payments

Issue secure credentials on IoT and mobile devices

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Audit Logs, Reports, and Alerts for traceability and compliance

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Payment HSM

Secure payments with a hardware security module

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Payment Keys

Orchestrate centralized cryptographic key management for payments

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Payment Cards

Simplify the security required to issue magnetic stripe and EMV chip smart cards

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BCSS Helps Enterprises:

Simplify the generation of secure payment credentials and securely process payment transactions
Simplify the complexity related to payment cryptographic key management
Simplify the integration and management of payment hardware security modules (HSM)
Gain control of chip card application profiles with in-house EMV data preparation
Pass payment security audits with built-in audit logs and reporting functionality
Eliminate the costs related to hiring highly specialized payment security experts or training programmers
Leverage standardized cryptographic algorithms, which are up-to-date and correctly applied

BCSS software eliminates the need for enterprises to develop and maintain custom software code that incorporates the logical security and payment schemes required by payment network brands – saving time and money. BCSS is backed by a dedicated team of highly specialized payment security experts that can provide guidance, troubleshooting, and ongoing support for enterprises planning, implementing, or running custom payment applications. Prime Factors incorporates the latest payment industry security requirements into an annual major software release of BCSS to ensure that the payment systems of our global customers remain secure and compliant.