Payment Credential Issuance

Prime Factors’ Bank Card Security System (BCSS) is highly specialized middleware that drastically reduces the amount of programming required to generate secure payment credentials used in issuing magnetic stripe and EMV chip credit, debit and payment cards, as well as in provisioning mobile payment and IoT devices. BCSS easily fits in with payment card issuance platforms, allowing enterprises to maintain full control over their most sensitive assets – cardholder data and associated keys required to create payment credentials.


BCSS contains more than 100 embedded subroutines to expedite data preparation and reduce programming required to create payment credentials, including:

  • PIN generation (PVV & ABA codes) and PIN mailer printing
  • Security code generation (CVV, CVC, CSC, iCVV, CVC3, etc.)
  • EMV or mag-stripe card data preparation (issuer certificates and keys)
  • Mobile and IoT device credentials and keys (single/one-time use)
  • Support for RSA key caching to speed up payment card data preparation
  • Embedded utility to create card issuing files leveraging BCSS data, keys, and APIs
  • Provisioning support for both cards and mobile wallets (e.g., Secure Element with Host Card Emulation)
  • Mutual authentication leveraging Global Platform specifications for secure messaging (SCP02 and SCP03) :

Payment Card Issuance

A typical secure payment card issuing environment includes a cardholder database, the BCSS key management system, the BCSS library of subroutines, and one or more Thales payShield HSMs. When a card production emboss file needs to be created, cardholder and magnetic stripe data are processed quickly and securely by BCSS and the HSMs in accordance with the payment brand requirements for hardware cryptography. Chip card personalization data for an emboss file can be generated directly from a mainframe, IBM iSeries, Linux, Windows, etc.

The ability for BCSS to help implement and manage Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSM), coupled with its robust payment key management functionality, speeds up and simplifies issuing and provisioning payment credentials.

EMV Chip Card Data Preparation

Many payment card issuers have shied away from EMV smart card issuance due to its complexity compared to magnetic stripe card issuance. However, BCSS elegantly manages the complexity related to complying with the EMV standard for chip card issuance, making it easier to perform EMV data preparation in-house. BCSS makes data preparation for EMV as familiar and routine as legacy magnetic stripe card issuance by delivering a flexible output file that any card personalization system can interpret for issuing EMV chip cards.

Please note: Prime Factors is not a payment processor and does not offer payment processing services.  Our customers can leverage Prime Factors software to help accelerate the development of their applications and secure their data, however, Prime Factors does not process, store, or otherwise access payment transactions or related data of our End Users.

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