Data Protection

Data has never been more plentiful or more valuable, nor has it ever been more at risk from breach. Though billions of dollars are spent each year on cyber security, data breaches continue – everywhere. Enterprises must protect sensitive information. Yet recent industry reports and global surveys show that data is not as secure as it should be.

Data Breaches

It is not IF your sensitive data will be targeted, but WHEN. In a recent survey, two-thirds of global companies reported being breached at some point in the past, and nearly half of American companies reported a data breach in the past year alone. The vast majority of companies use sensitive information in digital systems, but do not apply data protection sufficiently.

*Source: 451 Research

With a growing number of data breaches, industry standard compliance, and an expanding number of global data protection laws, it’s clear that enterprises must protect sensitive data. And yet so many companies do not encrypt data for the majority of their use cases, and the ones that do typically have a gap in their data protection where data is most at risk of a breach.

Companies with Data in Digital Environments

*Source: IDC

Where Data is Most at Risk

Traditional data protection solutions protect data at rest in encrypted storage devices, encrypted databases or encrypted file structures. However, when an authorized application retrieves information from a storage location, these data protection solutions typically decrypt the data and pass it to the application unprotected. This means that most data is left exposed when in use at the application layer!

This is particularly concerning because the majority of data breaches occur at the application layer!


Application Level Data Protection is Too Difficult

It is possible to protect data at the application layer, but it can be messy. With traditional application level data protection, cryptographic libraries and data protection functionality must be interwoven into the application itself.

This approach not only creates a lot of work, it can create quite the headache in managing who is authorized to access data, managing cryptographic keys used to protect data, and managing changes to a data protection scheme. And with each additional application that needs data protection, the work needs to be repeated, and the complexity grows.

Data must be protected EVERYWHERE, but application level data protection has just been too hard to be practical for most enterprises – until now.

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