October 26, 2021 – This new release enables enterprises to continue to keep up with the latest market requirements, software deployment trends, and industry best practices for protecting sensitive data.

Prime Factors Releases Updated Application-Level Data Protection Software – EncryptRIGHT v4.30.00

October 26, 2021

Prime Factors is pleased to announce an update to EncryptRIGHT – the data protection software that simplifies securing sensitive data at the application layer.

This latest update includes:

  • New look and feel for the Web UI including a new color scheme, function buttons, and fonts.
  • Enhanced management of EncryptRIGHT installations and renaming of some EncryptRIGHT instances.
  • General product updates to administration, management, and diagnostics.
  • Expanded tokenization functionality to enable retiring of tokens.
  • Token Vault data analytics, for tokenization applications, under product diagnostics

Maintenance customers can request a download of v4.30.00 under their maintenance contract by contacting the product support team through the Request Support form on our website.

Prime Factors’ maintenance software support policy includes versions of the software that are no more than two (2) release versions older than the most recent generally available release of the software. With this release, that includes v4.24.05 and 4.24.04.

Customers without an active maintenance contract can contact a Prime Factors
sales representative by submitting the Request Info form on our website to request a quote.