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    A Better Way to Protect Sensitive Data

    EncryptRIGHT is multi-purpose data encryption, tokenization and key management software suite well-suited for a specific project or enterprise-wide use. It incorporates Prime Factors' many years of knowledge and experience helping companies and organizations world-wide protect sensitive data. Whether you have PCI compliance requirements or need to reduce risk, EncryptRIGHT gives you a cost-effective way to implement encryption, tokenization and central key management.

    EncryptRIGHT was designed from the ground up to meet security threats, accelerate deployments, and satisfy auditors that sensitive data is safeguarded. It comes bundled with key management, secure audit logs and predefined PCI compliance reporting capabilities. Backed by a dedicated support team, EncryptRIGHT can be implemented by programmers and non-programmers alike.

    EncryptRIGHT Features

    EncryptRIGHT’s flexibility makes it well suited for your enterprise, because it can be implemented and used for many different applications. EncryptRIGHT allows you to choose how best to encrypt or tokenize data without disrupting your operations. We provide free consulting during your product trial so you can be confident the solution meets your needs.
    EncryptRIGHT includes:

    • PCI compliant cryptography and key management
    • Reports and audit trails for assessment and verification processes
    • An optional tokenization module that reduces the scope and cost of a PCI audit
    • Broad platform support from PC to Mainframe
    • A simple desktop application, or API for application integration
    • Field, file, database and application-level encryption
    • A choice of databases to implement tokenization
    • Support for many different development environments
    • Guides help you get running quickly
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    Everything You Need To Deploy EncryptRIGHT Enterprise-wide

    EncryptRIGHT provides tremendous flexibility in the way it can be deployed to encrypt and tokenize data and manage keys from a central location. EncryptRIGHT runs on all major operating systems, provides broad application development support and can be implemented by programmers and non-programmers alike. "Because EncryptRIGHT is so flexible, it provides everything an enterprise needs to standardize on a single encryption and tokenization solution across an organization," said an EncryptRIGHT user at a large financial institution.

    “EncryptRIGHT can be a one-stop solution for data protection and critical business needs throughout our organization,” said the Vice President of Encryption. “My team manages and administrates five different (encryption) solutions. Each solution is unique. EncryptRIGHT has more flexibility than any other solution we manage.”

    The flexibility built into EncryptRIGHT allows you to:

    • Secure sensitive data at the field level, at the record level, or in bulk
    • Implement tokenization with or without a commercial database; e.g., Oracle and SQL Server
    • Secure whole files without programming by using EncryptRIGHT as a utility
    • Manage keys and security settings for a large number of end points from a central point
    • Accommodate many new requirements without reprogramming (set up properly, of course)
    • Implement data encryption or tokenization without changing the application
    • Generate tokens two ways: random tokenization and tokenization by encryption
    • Use almost any development tool with EncryptRIGHT’s API
    • Encrypt or tokenize data across multiple platforms using a single solution

    EncryptRIGHT’s format-preserving encryption processes can reduce implementation time frames from months to weeks making it more cost effective than other products in the marketplace. It is extremely scalable and supports mainframes, AS400, UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems.

    The EncryptRIGHT tokenization module can create tokens that have the same format and data type as the original values, so you don't need to change your applications or databases to support tokenized values.

    The EncryptRIGHT API is simple, easy to use and requires little or no knowledge of cryptography. All cryptographic decisions are made in a data protection policy (DPP). You don’t need to be an encryption expert to define the cryptographic options, keys and data conversions needed. This can be performed by your security administrator. As a result, your programmer is free to focus on programming rather than figuring out cryptography.

    EncryptRIGHT also provides a user-friendly environment in which a non-programmer can implement data encryption, tokenization and key management. EncryptRIGHT makes it easy to determine what data to protect, how to protect it, access level of employees and key management policies. Using a graphical user interface (GUI), security professionals can select which data to encrypt or tokenize, then follow prompts to insure they implement the right data security and key management for their situation.

    Deploy From Mainframes To PCs

    EncryptRIGHT is cross platform compatible, giving you the flexibility to deploy on a wide range of large computers and PCs. EncryptRIGHT is well-suited for companies with mainframe business applications and a need to interact with PCs or AS/400s. It is available for the following operating systems: zOS, IBMi (AS/400), HP-UX, Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux and Windows.