Our focus is to make information security professionals' jobs easier. Our software is designed to adapt to just about any environment, and our experienced team can help walk you through your projects. With Prime Factors, you can tailor a solution to meet your own unique needs, accelerate deployment and address both security and compliance.

Since 1981, more than 1,000 customers world-wide have used our software to simplify the complexity associated with implementing data encryption, tokenization and key management solutions. Customers deploy our software solutions in large-scale environments consisting of IBM mainframes and AS400s, as well as in distributed environments running UNIX, Linux and PCs. Multi-platform support lets our customers implement a single data encryption, tokenization or key management solution across their enterprise and throughout their trading communities.

Compliance Solutions

PCI Compliance:
PCI applies to all organizations that hold, process or exchange cardholder information.

These federal regulations require breach notification unless you use encryption.

EMV Compliance:
EMV defines data security requirements for payment card, point of sale terminals and ATM's.

Industry Solutions

Eight of the top 10 financial institutions in North America are Prime Factors customers.

Insurance companies need to protect an array of sensitive customer information to reduce risk.

Customer data is invaluable to retailers and yet it is their biggest headache.

Healthcare facilities need to improve data security for protected health information (PHI).

Payment Card Issuance:
Card manufacturers who integrate EMV data preparation into their card issuance processes early and efficiently gain a competitive advantage.