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Prime Factors Joins Utimaco’s U-Trust Technology Partner Program

February 11, 2020 - Utimaco and Prime Factors deliver a solution to drastically reduce the complexity of application level data protection, allowing enterprises to quickly and easily implement encryption, tokenization, and data masking while enforcing access controls and separations of duties.

Prime Factors Joins Utimaco’s U-Trust Technology Partner Program

Aachen, Germany, & Eugene (OR), USA, 11 February 2020: Utimaco, a leading provider of professional IT security solutions, announces a technology partnership with Prime Factors, a global leader in application level data protection.  Together, Utimaco and Prime Factors will ensure seamless interoperability between Utimaco’s CryptoServer general purpose hardware security modules (HSMs) and Prime Factors’ EncryptRIGHT® application level data protection software to help enterprises more easily protect sensitive data at the application layer.

Most data breaches occur at the application layer, where data is more exposed than when it is secured at rest.  However, most data protection solutions, such as disk encryption, transparent database encryption (TDE), or file structure level encryption, simply do not address application level data protection. And the traditional approach to application level encryption, which involves interweaving cryptographic functionality into applications themselves, can be very complex and time consuming.  This leaves many enterprises with the same perception: application level data protection is too hard to be practical.

“Prime Factors has long been committed to delivering software solutions that reduce complexity and improve data security for our many global customers from diverse industries and geographies,” said Jose Diaz, Vice President – Products & Services at Prime Factors. “We believe that in order to truly simplify implementing and managing application level data security, ‘how data protection is applied’ should be abstracted from the applications themselves and application programmers shouldn’t need to be cryptography experts.  And this is exactly what EncryptRIGHT most fundamentally addresses - enabling application-native data protection in as little as 3 lines of code. Our collaboration with Utimaco provides a tested solution with proven interoperability and ease of integration to help further reduce the friction of protecting sensitive data where it counts most.”

The joint solution from Utimaco and Prime Factors drastically reduces the complexity of application level data protection. EncryptRIGHT® allows enterprises to quickly and easily define and enforce how sensitive data is protected, who can access the secured data and what format the data takes when access is granted – all with hardened cryptography secured by a FIPS 140-2 compliant hardware security module from Utimaco.  Applications simply reference an EncryptRIGHT® data protection policy name and ask for a piece of data to be secured, and everything related to data security governance is orchestrated – from managing cryptographic keys, to applying encryption algorithms or data masks, to facilitating role-based access controls.

“Data protection has never been more important, nor has it ever been more complex,” said Mario Galatovic, Director Strategic Partnerships.  “We remain committed to helping our customers better address the complexities related to protecting data and complying with stringent industry standards and regulations, such as the EU’s GDPR and other regional data protection laws.  Solutions like these, that simplify application level data protection, allow our global customers to more easily take full advantage of the Root of Trust provided by Utimaco hardware in order to better protect their sensitive data.”

Request a live demo of EncryptRIGHT® with Utimaco SecurityServer HSM integration here.



About Utimaco

Utimaco is a global provider of professional IT security solutions headquartered in Aachen, Germany and Campbell (CA), USA. Utimaco is one of the leading manufacturers in the development of hardware security modules and compliance solutions for telecommunications providers in the field of regulation.


Over 290 employees are dedicated to the company’s mission of protecting people, ideas, and data and enabling trust in the digital economy. Customers and partners all over the world value the reliability and long-term investment security of Utimaco’s security solutions. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user friendliness, excellent support and a market-driven offering. Further information can be found at


About Prime Factors

Prime Factors is a global leader in applied data protection software, helping to secure an open and collaborative digital world.  Data has never been more plentiful or more valuable, and the protection of sensitive data has never been more complex.  However, software solutions from Prime Factors help to simplify the complexities associated with protecting sensitive information. Since 1981, Prime Factors has served more than 1,000 global customers, including 80% of the top financial institutions in North America, with cryptographic software solutions for payments, EDI, and general data protection across a variety of industries.

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